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Clear Safe

ClearSafe Security - AGF Security


The newest product on the market, Clear Safe, has not taken long to gain a reputation for manufacture and installation of the highest quality.

We saw that the price of clear vision security was becoming out of the reach of many customers, and we also saw the corrosion problems with some other systems. So we set about correcting this.


We worked for 3 years on the prototypes to eventually produce the Clear Safe system. We had 3 main objectives.

1) Must be strong and superior to others.

So the mesh is 316 Stainless, the best you can buy. The thickness is 0.9 the best you can buy.

2) Must address the corrosion problems evident with some other systems.

The fixing system is completely inert and therefore will not react with either Aluminium frame or the Stainless steel mesh. There is negligible chance of Galvanization occurring between the dissimilar metals.

3) Must be affordable.         

With the price of clear vision security becoming out of reach of many working people, we thought: “why should anyone pay more for decades old technology, when they can pay less for a 21st century product”.

Because we do not employ Sales people or Subcontractors, and our Advertising Budget is small, we consistently sell for 20% to 30% below other companies.

Our very experienced and skilled installation team ensures your security is fitted to the highest standard and we give you Independent NATA Testing in certified laboratories.

Our test results speak for themselves.

We do not offer “Light Weight” or “Mid Range” security, we only manufacture and install security products of the highest quality, tested to the Australian Standard and guaranteed.

Many of our customers are repeat business or word of mouth referrals and our commitment to our customers is to install products that suit their needs.

So with over 40 years of experience in the business, we offer a fully Patented and Trade Marked  product, with NATA accreditation to back it up.