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Our Guarantee and Checklist


  • 10 year guarantee on Extruded Frame (Australian made).
  • 10 year guarantee on the 316 Stainless Steel Mesh* (Conditional).
  • 3 year guarantee on locks ** (Conditional)…..fitted with chrome plated Pin cylinders (72,000 combinations).  Locks are keyed alike for convenience.
  • 7 year non corrosive guarantee on wheels….Sliding Door Wheels have ball bearing rollers and are self positioning.
  • Hinges….3 Metal Hinges are riveted to and inset into the frame.  Hinge pins are flattened at both ends so they cannot be removed.  Hinges come standard with Anti-jemmy Pins.
  • Corner Stakes…extruded aluminium for both Doors and Windows Grilles and are riveted into position.
  • Triple Locking System is fitted standard to AGF Hinge Doors.
  • Sliding doors are fitted with interlock Coupler…a Coupling system which secures the back of the door into position when the door is closed.  Wherever possible AGF incorporates the heavy duty Interlocking System which is 3 times the cover of normal Interlocking Systems.
  • Sliding doors are of 2 types depending on the Frame Configuration present….(a) Triple Locking … (b) Ultra Locking with Mullion Coupler.  Please ask your Consultant to explain the type suitable with your situation.
  • Felt Pads are positioned at the top of the AGF Sliding Doors for quieter gliding.
  • Bugstrips are fitted wherever necessary.
  • AGF is a QUALITY ASSURED SUPPLIER (Certificate No.1464, registered Quality Systems Standard AS 3902-1987/NZS9002-1990/ISQ 9002-987).
  • BSA Licence No.020735. Builder and Metal Fabrication.

* 10 year Guarantee does not apply to Marine areas, near or adjacent to the ocean or salt water environments, coastal areas influenced by off-shore winds. Stainless Steel mesh requires regular cleaning with mild cleaning product. Brushing and cleaning, and if necessary preventative treatments should be conducted every 3 months in Marine environments.

** 1 Year Parts & Labour. Remaining 2 years, Parts Only.

All Warranties and Guarantees are conditional upon regular 6 monthly servicing.


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